Development of a Bespoke CRM

Perhaps my most successful projects during my time at Creative Car Park Ltd. I designed a CRM system to simplify and automate several internal processes both for the Customer Liaison department and for Sales.

Complying with the law, I am unable to show the current software as it contains information that is vital to the company. However, I can drive you through the phases of developing and integrating it.

Phase 1 - Paper and processes

For starters, I had to come up with the basic idea for the software. To do that I tried to think of all the functions that the company would have needed from a CRM and after writing a report about it I started designing it on paper. I also had to figure out how to integrate a decade of data sitting in dozens of different excel spreadsheets into the new database without compromising any of the data. I, therefore, started to build a framework.

Phase 2 - Framework and Wireframe

The original framework

Visual aid for the lead system

After developing the framework, I started working out a way to integrate the various excel files into a database and subsequently sent everything out to our programmers who developed a SQL database with the data. 

I also started developing various wireframes, eventually reaching a prototype. 

Phase 3- Final Wireframe

Video of the first prototype, developed in Adobe XD

After having developed and pitched the final prototype I provided it in PSD format to the programmers who started developing the web-based app. This was almost the end of the design struggle, but just the beginning of the project management. From this point, I supervised most of the work and helped to integrate all of the data the company had, and categorise it neatly into the system.

Phase 4- Final touch

Lead profile in the final product


​By now having the sales team and customer liaison using the software, we listened to their feedbacks and added the features they wanted. We also added an admin interface, which was missing from the original prototype. Amongst many other improvements, we additionally added the ability to generate multiple reports so that management can always be up to date with everything that it's happening in both departments.  I can only add one screenshot from a test lead page I created in the system, but you can already tell from this one single image that many things were added since the final prototype by looking at the side menu.

Phase 5- Doing the same for you

​As someone who loves a good challenge, I am incredibly passionate about finding new ways of improving the efficiency of companies. I can do this in many ways, from developing bespoke software to improve internal processes to creating or improving a website or finding and engaging new channels of distribution. If you want to find out more about the ways I can help you grow your business, please feel free to contact me by using the form below.