• Lorenzo Bonari

The absurd

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Comfortable in the absurd,

He's found a way into her brain,

Into the perfectly ironed bed sheets,

The cosy heath of her body.

A girl with a taste for danger,

Baiting his heart at every corner,

On the slippery journey to madness,

Through which they gladly stroll.

Direction unknown and no return,

Her cheeky smile and his concern,

What keeps them together we still do not know,

Is it love, is it a crime, is it war?

A paranoid cricket who sings jazz at night,

A self-centred china doll which is still somehow kind,

"Don't panic" she whispered for his sweet demise,

He knew it was time to give up the fight.

The stage was now set,

Through perfume and smoke,

The actors walked in,

And started the war,

The hands running freely,

As if they already knew...

A familiar feeling,

Yet an unreal truth.

The kisses, the bites,

The depth of her eyes,

The friendly freedom,

Was not left behind,

So the night just went by,

'Till morning surprised them,

Acting like strangers,

As if nothing had happened.

The curtains fell off,

The actors just left,

The audience left wondering,

What's to happen next.

The actors knew too well,

The game they were playing,

The fame to be gained,

The money to be made,

The loneliness of days,

Had made it ok,

So they walked away,

With not much to say,

In regards to the play.