• Lorenzo Bonari

The Bridge

There is a bridge,

Between heaven and hell,

An unspoken question,

Foreshadowed by a knell,

By the silent scream,

Of who gets to outlive,

The songful sound,

Of angel’s wings,

There is a bridge,

Between won and lost,

It is as short as a prayer,

Yet it cannot be crossed,

A doubt among doubters,

Who have talked the walk,

Nor sinners, nor saints,

Just apathetic souls,

Sheep pity lions,

For they won’t last long,

But Lions know raging,

Is better than to stall,

So, I’d rather be burning,

I’d rather be rot,

Then knowing my struggles,

Were all for nought,

For in a world made of fantasies,

Of heroes and foes,

Mediocrity is scarier,

Then the darkest of thoughts,

There is a bridge,

Between lovers and love,

And I ought to cross it,

So, help me, God.