• Lorenzo Bonari

The Eye Shop

“Good evening sir.”,

Said the old lady to the man,

“Can I help with anything,

or will you help yourself?”

“I would like some new eyes,

‘cause I think I broke mine.”,

Politely replied the guy,

While she was checking the time,

“The shop’s almost closed,

I hope that you’ve chosen,

The kind of eyes,

You are going to buy.”

“To be honest, I did not,

I am mortified,

But there are so many kinds,

And I keep changing my mind.”

So the woman got off her seat,

And she opened an old book,

As she said “These are pretty good,

You should give them a look.”

Then she turned the pages,

And she spoke with a smile,

“These are my favourites,

They are the doctor’s eyes,

They’ll make you successful,

Respected by everyone,

The price is quite high,

But they’ll make you look smart,

Or maybe you are seeking,

Something more sinister,

If you want to be frightening,

You need the eyes of a general!

They’ve already seen,

The most horrible things,

But you don’t have to worry,

They got used to it,

So if you can’t sleep at night,

And the ghosts are crying for help,

Just keep telling yourself,

That you did it for the homeland,

And your compatriot will smile,

And they’ll say many thanks,

You will have a great life,

‘till you’ll end up in hell.”

“I’m sorry ma'am,” said our chap,

“But with all due respect,

I’m not that special,

I’m just an ordinary man,

All my life I’ve been worrying,

About stuff bigger than me,

War, death, poverty,

Among many other things,

But now I’m exhausted,

The stress broke my eyes,

And I don’t want to see the world,

Like I used to do before.”

The lady looked at his face,

For what felt like a week,

Then she opened the safe,

And she gave him a thing,

That seemed like a box,

Made of plastic and steel,

And while smiling she said,

“I think I've got what you need.”

“ These are the ignorant’s eyes,

You are looking for these,

They are our best seller,

‘Cause we give them for free,

Try them on, don’t be afraid,

They are comfy and easy to wear,

Almost everyone owns a pair,

And I’ve never gotten any complaints,

They see what you want,

And they want what you see,

Whether that's a new phone,

Or a bigger tv,

Trust me when I say,

You’ll have no regrets,

You’ll think about yourself,

And forget about the rest,

Most of our customers,

Are pretty clever,

Once they try them on,

They wear them forever,

So put them on,

Come on don’t be shy,

These are the best things,

That you’ll ever buy."

The guy was astonished,

He could not believe,

That such a great item,

Was given for free,

He wore them right away,

And after a little while,

His grumpy grey frown,

Turned into a smile,

So he told the lady,

With a glow in his voice,

“O great goodness,

this was a great choice,

Thank you, ma'am,

Goodbye and good life.”

And as he started laughing,

He gave her a high five,

Then he walked outside,

In the beautiful night,

With no brain in his head,

But a new pair of eyes.