The owners got in touch with me after having a tough time renting put their Villa, since then, I took charge of the whole project, creating new business models and finding new channels of distribution, taking care of the creation of the website as well as the administration of it and all of the digital marketing, and accountancy. I'm the one-person band behind the project. 

This unique looking website was created for a visual artist who asked me to develop his portfolio. It looks very different from my usual style as I followed his guidelines on how to design it. I always make sure that my clients are happy with the final results and when they have a vision for something I help them achieve that, instead of imposing mine.

Website created for a startup I used to run, the scope of the site was to earn further investment to develop the project. Although the startup has not succeeded in its intent, I certainly learnt a lot from this experience, and it contributed to making me the person I am today. This website stands as a testament to the hard work that my team and I put into the project.

A mix between a portfolio, a cv, and a freelancer website, which you are currently browsing. Ironic isn't it?